Shared Hosting To VPS Hosting

So you have your website, it has been running for quite some time and you are noticing an improvement in traffic. You’re in a shared web host server, sometimes the server crashes, frequent downtimes, lack of support and security of your data is taking a toll on you and your website. Then it might just be time you switch up your hosting to a VPS or Virtual Private Server.

As convenient and affordable shared hosting can be, it has its limits and people need to know what those limits are. Webmasters need to know the right time they have to start looking away from their shared host and upgrade their website to VPS hosting. Yes, shared hosting might have done good things for you and your site but a website growing in traffic, having regular viewers and patrons, ramping up the data and bandwidth usage deserve a better host. If your website falls into that category, then it is definitely time to take the next step forward and switch over to the better VPS hosting service.

VPS is the simply the next level from shared web hosting. Primarily, the idea of VPS hosting is almost the same with shared hosting, as VPS servers are partitioned from a single dedicated server. But unlike shared web hosting, the virtual partitioning of VPS hosting means that each website being hosted at a particular VPS has a world of its own. In shared web hosting, all the websites in the server share the same disk (disk space), the same processor, the same RAM, the same IP and bandwidth and most importantly they share the same operating system.

With vps server hosting, although it is a partition of a single server, you will have your own virtual server – a server with its own disk space, a dedicated RAM and processor, its own IP, its own bandwidth and its very own operating system which is can being chosen on your prerogative upon signing up. Making it more reliable and secure for your website’s data where you can set up your own security encryptions, have your own space, your own way with your websites for just a fraction of the cost of dedicated server hosting. Websites with growing traffic certainly needs to be hosted on VPS in order to accommodate the viewers which in turn will be profitable for you and your website. You won’t have to worry about bandwidth issues, crashes and downtimes because with VPS hosting. You can manage your host as meticulously as you want.

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