The Role and Challenges of Being a Lorry Driver

The lorry driver profession is becoming more popular among young people. Indeed, it offers more freedom, and the salary is reasonably good, for beginners as well. However, the right credentials is required for driving trucks. In any case, before you start, understand that it’s a job with its benefits and limitations.

Training Paths to Become a Lorry Driver

A number of training programs can lead to this profession: the CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence) in Road Haulage, the Road Haulage BTEC National Diploma, a Light Commercial Vehicle Delivery Driver qualification, a qualification for All Vehicle Goods Transport, and the professional qualification for hgv medical Goods Transport by Road on Rigid Vehicles.

Additionally, a mandatory Initial Minimum Training (IMT) lasting 4 weeks is necessary for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) exceeding 3.5 tonnes. The requirements? Be at least 21 years old and have a C or E category heavy goods vehicle licence.

To prepare well for the heavy goods vehicle licence and increase the chances of success, the help of a dedicated institution can be very beneficial.

What Qualities are Required to Become a Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver?

A lorry driver is a professional of the road who spends the majority of their time on public roads. Bearing in mind the hazards of driving, to become a lorry driver, one should possess certain qualities: excellent concentration, fast reaction times, and careful attention. Fundamental understanding of mechanics is also required.

Being in direct contact with customers, they must demonstrate excellent communication abilities and be polite. Proficiency in foreign languages would be a significant plus. Likewise, excellent physical resilience is required, as the driver will frequently be working under pressure.

The Constraints Faced by Lorry Drivers

The lorry driver’s mission is to operate a goods transport truck over long distances, maintain the vehicle, and handle the goods loading and unloading. They also conduct administrative tasks for the company. Despite a motivating salary, it’s a rugged and risky job. The driver is primarily accountable for any damages or losses to the goods. In case of a breakdown, they must fix the vehicle by themselves.

Moreover, working hours are unpredictable, and they are mostly in their cabin. At times, they may have to work at night. Finally, according to the travel path, they may have to leave their home for a few days or even weeks.

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