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Get ahead in your career with a Proven Productivity Method that takes you from overworked to in control

Welcome to your personal productivity toolkit!

We’ve created a suite of tools to help you on your path to getting more done with less time.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Selda has a rare mix of productivity and ambition and sets a great example for the rest of us, which explains why everyone loves working with her no matter what position or role they have in the company”

“Under Selda’s guidance we delivered all our objectives and have been cited as an example of best practice within our corporation”

“Having worked with Selda, her structured/methodical approach and her relentless focus, she really helps us get things done.”  

SUPERCHARGE Your Productivity in 7 days - Online Course

This short 20 video course can help you take the stress out of your week and juggle all of your jobs without working yourself to death.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by work? Do you feel there’s no time left to do anything you actually WANT to do? Or feel low because there aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill your potential? 

There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. Even if you’ve read every book on productivity and watched every course on how to get more done, there’s still a way to take back control of your week and your life.

Imagine if you could:

Break the endless pattern of finishing late and instead have free time on your hands

Break the endless pattern of finishing late and instead have free time on your hands

Easily find the time to spend with loved ones or doing fun things that you really want to do

Go to bed at each night feeling like it was a really productive day, and that you’re actually looking forward to tomorrow

Feel confident and calm that whatever crops up in your week you can handle with ease because you’ve learned how to design your week so that you can get through what’s expected of you AND what you WANT to do

Feel like you’re in a state of complete flow, where everything just feels easy for once, leaving you energized and inspired, instead of overwhelmed and depleted

7 Proven Strategies to Create a Better Work Life Balance

Tried and tested methods to help you build a better work life balance, needing to get up at 5am or follow any crazy routines.

In this course, we will cover :

How to craft your vision and goals so that you know your ‘why’

How to focus on the right things so that you’re always pleasing your key stakeholders whilst still living the life that you want to live

How to access the work you do an challenge whether it adds value to your week or whether it is completely unnecessary

How to adjust your mindset so that you’re your experience from a positive growth mentality rather than a negative helpless one

How to create the right conditions in your environment to help you juggle between all of the different jobs and projects that you have on the go whilst keeping your focus


The Productivity Pyramid: How to go from overworked to in control and design a life that you love living

What do ants, formula 1, NASA and Toyota have in common?

They can all teach us how to make more time for ourselves in an already overloaded week, and still get our work done.

This book will help answer questions like:

How can I spend the time that I have better?

How can I do more things that I enjoy every week?

How can I make sure that I have a productive week, every week?

How can I be better at learning?

How do I get to – and stay at – the cutting edge of my career?
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